7 Things You Shouldn’t Do on Anonymous Apps

If you’re unfamiliar with anonymous apps, you may think that users post whatever they want, no matter how raunchy or controversial they may be. Actually, that’s not the case; posts range from humorous to simple queries, to showing their adoration for pizza and Netflix.

It’s pretty tame, and the community does some regulation of posts (like downvotes), along with the app creator(s) who will take down posts that are offensive or violate any of the guidelines they’ve established.

While most users know what to post and what to keep to themselves, some people need a little help in getting an idea on what’s acceptable to post. Below are seven examples of what n​ot​to do on anonymous apps.

#1 ­ D​on’t be a creep.​Yes, no one will know who you are, but refrain from harassing or being offensive to others. Just because you can doesn’t mean you should. For example, if you’re a guy and see a girl post something like “I really want to cuddle and watch a movie with someone”, don’t comment something disgusting.

You may think it is funny, but it’s not. Would you say something like that to your future spouse? Girls like guys who can be mature and respect them, not guys who make fun of them or try to “seduce” them with a sex joke. Not classy, bruh.

It is anonymous, but that doesn’t mean you should take advantage of that aspect; the general rules for how to act like normal human being still apply.

#2 ­ D​on’t be racist. I​f you wouldn’t say it in a room full of people, don’t say it in any situation, even on an anonymous app. If you don’t like a particular group of people, keep your opinion to yourself. You’re totally, totally wrong and your view is irrelevant and outdated, but keep it to yourself.

Just because you’re using an anonymous app doesn’t mean you can say whatever you want. First off, the people in charge of the app will remove your post, but if they don’t catch it other users will, and before you know it your post will be off the timeline and your account could be removed.

Just like you learned in kindergarten, if you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all.

# 3 ­ D​ o n ’ t s a y m e a n s t u f f a b o u t p e o p l e y o u k n o w . O​ k , y o u f e e l l i k e y o u r b e s t f r i e n d did you dirty the other day. Maybe they embarrassed you. Be the mature person in the situation and turn the other cheek.

Rather than open up the anonymous app you like and just rip your friend a new one and post her name and stuff, talk it out. If you have a problem with a friend or someone you know, talking about it anonymously will only make it worse. What if they see it? What if a friend of theirs sees it?

They’ll know it’s you in an instant, and now you’ll look like the bad friend. When it comes to relationships of any kind, talking it out is the best solution. It may seem like the hardest way to go, but it’s the only one that can have a positive ending.

Don’t talk about your BFF Jill on Yik Yak; instead, give her a call and sort it all out.

#4 ­ D​on’t talk about drugs. L​et’s say it’s a Saturday afternoon and you want to get ripped and watch something on Netflix. Your weed jar that used to be full is now empty except for some scraps. Your weed man is out of town; what do you do?

Well, don’t open up your favorite anonymous app and ask the people near you for some fire. Surprisingly, cops in some areas use these apps and try to catch people doing something illegal or illicit, and you don’t want to be “that guy”.

Instead, save yourself the trouble and hit up some of your friends. If they can’t smoke you out, tough luck, unless you get a medical weed card. You know what, just get the card and you’ll save yourself a lot of trouble.

#5 ­ D​on’t tell us about your bad day. I​’m genuinely sorry you had a bad day, but we all left Facebook to avoid having to see people and their serial complaints and issues. On our anonymous apps we like to be funny, or share an embarrassing moment we experienced.

Hearing about your bad day is gonna ruin it for us, and we thought we’d escaped all of that when we logged off or deleted our Facebook accounts entirely. You could take a different spin on it and make it a “blah blah blah tomorrow will be my bitch!” kind of post, which we wouldn’t mind.

Please don’t kill our vibe. If you aren’t in the mood to say something funny or ask a question (usually about sex or dating), you should stay off your anonymous app. Tomorrow, kill it and have an awesome day, and share that with us!

#6 ­ D​on’t look for casual sex.​If it’s late one night and you need a little company, do not look for it on the anon app you use. Let’s say you do. You have literally no idea who the person you’re gonna meet could be.

Let’s face it, there’s a good chance it could go pretty poorly; like really, really poorly. An anonymous app is pretty much the last place you should ever consider when looking for casual sex. Not only will you look like the easiest slut ever, but you could end up dead, which

wouldn’t be great. Stick to Tinder or meet someone at a bar; at least you’ll know they’re not a murderer.

#7 ­ K​eep it simple.​This is something you s​hould​do. I wanted to end with this point so you remember that anonymous apps are meant to be kind of light­hearted and not too serious. Be funny, ask a question about sex or dating, or share something embarrassing that happened to you.

Don’t start some debate or start an argument with someone over differing opinions; leave that to drunk conversations with your buddies. Instead, talk about how badly you burned dinner or how many classes you missed today.

You guys, we use anon apps to escape the daily crap we see on our social media accounts. Treat other users like you’d want to be treated and keep all of the stuff we just discussed off of anonymous app timelines. Have fun with it, and always stay one hundred.

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